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Rhino - Hobby Filter 100mm

Rhino - Hobby Filter 100mm

Product Description

This is a carbon filter from Rhino Hobby which gives the less experienced hobbyist a technological and sophisticated filter system that is easy to use for growing your cannabis plants. This is due in part to its unique fully reversible neck, as well as being filled with the highest quality Australian RC412 carbon on the market, which together with a 30 mm tightly packed carbon filter in the airflow cylinder, makes it extremely effective at attracting and removing air from the pollutants. It has a typical life span of 9-12 months, and is available in several sizes.

Product Data

  • Manufacturer : Rhino
  • Type : Carbon Filter
  • Length : 300 mm
  • Diameter : 100 mm
  • Effect: 350m³ / hour
  • Color : Silver

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