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Here you will find a wide selection of different bulbs to grow most plants indoors, they vary in strength, brand, model and technology. An HPS (high pressure sodium) and MH (metal halide) bulbs are usually what is used in larger horticulture, these are also the ones we recommend if you are a beginner as we find that most people are successful with these bulbs, rather than if they choose a CFL or LED solution. To make one of these bulbs work, you need a ballast and an E40 socket, as the bulbs do not fit in a normal socket. You will also find CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) bulbs in this category, the advantages of these bulbs are that they are complete with built-in ballast, in most cases you have to use an E40 socket. The bulbs are available in power ranges from 125-1000W. We sell bulbs from well-known brands such as Sunmaster, Elektrox, Philips and GIB. If you are looking for a special bulb that you cannot find on the site, we will gladly endeavor to bring it home to you.

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