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In this category you will find the ballast you need to pull your HPS / MH bulbs. You need a ballast because the way an HPS / MH bulb works requires a lot more "punch" to start with than the power grid can deliver, these ballasts provide. A bulb also requires more energy as it gets older, here a ballast also helps to increase the power until the life of the bulb is over. You will experience this by automatically switching off the bulb, you can usually get the bulb back on, but it will switch off after a short time. There are two types of ballast what is called a magnetic ballast and what is called an electronic ballast. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most effective and the ones we recommend are the electric ballasts. We sell bulbs from well-known brands such as GIB, Lumatek, LUMii and PRO-V-T. If you are looking for a special ballast, or strength that you cannot find on the site, we will happily strive to bring it home to you.

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